Days in Sussex is your opportunity to delve into the lives and work of Robin & Lucienne Day; to discover the inspiration, drive and passion of two of Britain’s most iconic designers directly from their daughter Paula Day. Join us to enjoy an evening learning about the legendary designers who were our neighbours in Sussex for over 50 years.

‘Days in Sussex is a wonderful opportunity to learn about two inspirational designers. I am fascinated to learn more about their early lives as well as the time they spent as our neighbours living in Sussex.’   Alys Bryan, Days in Sussex Organiser

Days in Sussex is an evening talk where Robin & Lucienne’s daughter Paula Day will speak about her parents’ lives and work, including their final years as residents of Chichester, and about the Foundation she has set up in their names. Paula will then take part in a conversation with a carefully selected expert panel, including Hemingway Design Director Gerardine Hemingway and John Lewis Designer Charlie Fowler, who will further explore the significance of their work in both a historical and current context. The audience will be invited to ask questions before the conversation concludes.


Robin & Lucienne Day

For nearly 7 decades Robin & Lucienne Day pursued independent careers alongside each other. Their innovative and eye-catching furniture and textiles exerted a profound influence on British design and cemented their position as 20th century design legends.  Read more

The Novium Museum

The venue for Days in Sussex is the award winning museum in the heart of Chichester which was designed by architect Keith Williams following an architectural design competition managed by RIBA Competitions. Read more

Book Your Tickets

Admission is by pre-paid ticket only, you are able to buy your ticket here or at the Novium Museum Chichester. Ticket price General Admission £14.00 and Students £12.00. Read more


Days in Sussex Speakers:

Robin Day

Robin & Lucienne’s daughter Paula Day spoke exclusively to Days in Sussex about her father’s life and work, we asked Paula where Robin looked for inspiration, Paula explained that  ‘in the early part of his career he was deeply influenced by the Scandinavian tradition of sensitive spare design in natural materials…’ Read our full interview here.

Lucienne Day

Within our interview with Paula Day about the life and work of Lucienne Day we were keen to learn more about where Lucienne’s passion for textiles had originated, Paula explained that ‘my mother was inspired by her own mother’s love of fashion and interior design. For example, her mother made elaborate fancy dress costumes…’ Read our full interview here.